A rare opportunity – The devotees are given an opportunity to enter the Apparition Church

On Saturday evening (29th June 2019) devotees from all four corners arrived to attend Miraculous Prayer recital hosted at Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine, Sri Lanka. As customarily, the devotees assembled to Holy Apostles Peter & Paul garden in Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine attended the Miraculous Prayer with utmost faith. They pleaded in front […]

The kindness received by the mother who wept at the feet of Mother Mary – A marvelous miracle done by Mother Mary

The Blessed Mother statue placed at Our Lady of Katunayake’s Miracle Shrine Grounds – This is the place where miracle of Blessed Mother’s benevolence happened In the evening of 29th April, the distressed mother traveled from Kandy to Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine with her six months old infant. She came with the hopes of […]