The donation from the two brothers of the same family for the new Telecasting studio

Sunday, August 25th evening a meeting was held at the Holy Apostles Peter & Paul garden of Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine. It was the monthly gathering conducted by donor members of the Shrine with His Holiness the Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso. After this gathering, the two brothers of the same family came to His […]

Giving an example to the entire world, Prasani Imanthi weds Shedric Cramer

Miss Prasani Imanthi from Negombo –Kurana with Mr. Shedric Cramer from Kaunayake, started their married life on 30th August 2019 joining hands in matrimony, giving an example to the entire world. Both of them displayed, especially to Christians on how to take measures on an occasion such as this, while reminding the entire world on […]

The avaricious mind which refuse to give a thing for a beggar is an immense obstacle to salvation – states His Holiness the Apostle

I regularly attempt, taking you all away from transgression as much as possible and take you from darkness to light. Eliminate you from the demerits and make you closer to merits. For that, I make an immense commitment. For that I brave a tremendous effort, to create that state for you. His Holiness the Apostle […]