The Noble Spiritual Teacher who reminded us of the Dharma now being taught by Nature to everyone in this earth

These few days which we are spending have become decisive not only for us but for the people of the entire world. The terrific and dreadful epidemic known as Covid-19, which is spreading across the globe, has already made all the people in the entire world frightful. Therefore, it seems that those who have faith […]

His Holiness The Apostle revealed about this tragedy that is happening today, on 21st November 2012

Covid-19 is a dreadful virus that is spreading these days. The entire earth has become terrified. Our Spiritual Teacher, His Holiness The Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso had revealed about this tragedy on 21st November 2012. A clear description of that revelation was published in page 4 of December 2012 edition of “Endera” Sinhala language newspaper. […]