His Holiness The Apostle presents the Apostolic Blessing Certificate to Miss Manoji Dias

Face book, which is thus far leading in the electronic media, is a well known social media among many people. When we consider the virtuous and evil impact, generating from facebook, which has affected, and which is affecting the society, we could certainly say, the evil impact, generating from facebook, has a far greater effect […]

Who wishes to have your present wife, your present husband in your next birth? – His Holiness The Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso asked this pleasant question from the Buddhist devotees at a Buddhist Temple in Welimada

“I solemnized your marriage and joined together both of you at this place with these very hands 26 years ago. I am personally happy about it. Today, after 26 years, I conduct your 26th anniversary Holy Mass. Just think a little about it. This is an extraordinary consequence of destiny. I am completing my 63rd […]