My age is 33 years, and my husband’s age is 35 years. We were not fortunate to have a child of our own, even though we got married 8 years ago. Because of that both of us were living very sadly. We consulted the Doctors. But they also said that we were not suffering from any sickness which they could diagnose. I was the person who was always facing embarrassments from the society. I have seen to my own eyes that there were instances where some people did not even want to face me, thinking that I am a fertile woman. When our lives were miserable due to not having a child of our own, even after 8 years of our marriage, I came to know about the Miraculous Shrine of Our Lady of Katunayake. We decided to go to Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine, to find a solace.

Both of us, devotedly, participated at the Blessing, which is held every Saturday evening. By that time we were tired of going to various churches and healing services. Yet, we firmly believed that the Holy Apostolic Father His Holiness Rohan Lalith Aponso will intercede before the Blessed Virgin Mary, on behalf of us, and will grant us solace at this Shrine of Our Lady of Katunayake, where Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared. Therefore, we decided that this Shrine should be the last Shrine, where we plead God, about our problem.

We handed over our request letters to the Holy Apostolic Father, mentioning our pain and suffering. The Holy Apostolic Father accepted our letters once a week, every Saturday, with a smiling face, and blessed us. Our total faith was in Holy Apostolic Father.

We took the blessing continuously for 5 weeks, and it was bearing results. We, who became a miserable couple to the society, were finally fortunate. I was conceived, and on 20th December 2010, I delivered a healthy little daughter. I didn’t even feel a pain during the delivery. Praise Be to Holy Apostle His Holiness Rohan Lalith Aponso, who was gifted to us by the God Almighty. We have a firm faith in him. We beseech him always. We have fixed a large photograph of this Apostle, above the Cot of our infant daughter. We trust that she will get his attention always.


Ranga Dissanayake
Hunupitiya (Sri Lanka)

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His Holiness the Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, is an Apostle, who was Chosen and Appointed by Lord Jesus Christ by Appearing in this world. He was also fortunate to see Blessed Mother Mary to his own eyes for 23 occasions.


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