Six year old little child began to talk as ‘ Ma….Ma… Amma, (means mother) in front of this Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary

I have two children and elder daughter’s age is 10. Second younger son is 6 years old. But my younger son was unable talk from his birth. Little son hears everything we say. Son understands what we say. But my son is dumb. Son was taken to many doctors. Many medical investigations were conducted. Every test report states that there is no illness. Even Specialists doctors said according to the medical investigations, son has no illness to be treated. One day, one doctor told me that when he was in his younger age, a germ had entered into my son’s brain, and that is what had happened and there is no treatment for this situation. I took my son to doctors and various churches and various healing sessions. But my son suffered with the inability to talk. I was most suffered as a result of seeing my son, who was suffering with inability to talk. My son is very much fondle & knack. There was no end for tears flowing from my eyes.



His Holiness the Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, blessing the Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary in the evening of 7th February 2016, the six year old little child began to talk as ‘Ma….Ma… Amma, (means Mother) by looking at this statue

Once, a friend who visited my house, described about Our Lady of Katunayake Miraculous Shrine. Details and photographs were shown from the internet. Accordingly, first time I went with my son to Our Lady of Katunayake’s, Miraculous Shrine on 29th July. That day was 40 years completion of the appearance of Blessed Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus & to commemorate this, Statute of Infant Jesus with Virgin mother was displayed. In front of the Statue of Blessed Mother, lighting a Rose Candle I told my only expectation. I firmly believed that my son will talk. I had unwavering faith and believed that any time my son will be cured by the Blessed Mother who appears in Katunayake, Miraculous Shrine. Because of this faith, since that day, every Saturday evenings of the week, I came to Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine and participated in the ‘Miraculous Prayer’. I started to insert a letter into the Red box, requesting “make my son talk Blessed Mother”. In Sts. Peter & Paul Apostles Garden, I told my suffering to Blessed Mother silently by lighting a Rose candle. I had a firm faith, believing my son will talk at any time. In this manner I was able to put letters into the Red box only for 8 Saturdays, after participating in the ‘Miraculous Prayer’ weekly. Every week I went to Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine and some days I got late because the delay of buses. On such days, I was not been able to enter the garden where the ‘Miraculous Prayer’ was offered. On those days, I was keeping my son in Apparition Ground & we were participating by watching it from the television screen. In this manner many Saturdays were passing. On Saturday 14th October my 8th letter was inserted into the red box. That was a special day. The Blessed Virgin Mary’s statue was scheduled to bestow above Apparition Church on following day, was displayed on that day, in Apparition Church. I participated in the ‘Miraculous Prayer’ as usual and like in other days, my only petition in the form of letter was inserted into the red box. After that devotees were informed through public announcement system to gather in the Apparition Ground to see the Statue of Blessed Mother bestowing at the top of the Apparition Church. All devotees were gathered in Apparition Ground. After sometime, remembering the occasion of our beloved Blessed Virgin Mary appearing on 123 yellow roses, apparition Church doors were opened with bestowed beloved Blessed Virgin Mary’s Statue. With that psalm was sung to Blessed Virgin Mary as “Amma….. Amma….”.I with the lighted candle in my hand, carrying my little child, also joined continuously with the Psalm “Amma….. Amma….”. It did not take much time. Little son in my hand, all of a sudden pointing his hand to the Statue of Blessed Virgin Mother bestowed in the Apparition Church & said “Ma…. Ma…. Amma”. Actually I could not understand what had happened to me. I felt like whole Apparition Ground was rotating. Also I felt Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was also swinging like in blasting wind. I knew that beloved Our Lady of Katunayake had given the power to my son to talk. In such an occasion feeling of a mother, can be known only by the person, who faced such a situation with such a kind of a kid.

After some time Psalm was over. I asked my son, “what did you said my son, tell me again my son”. Again showing the Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary and said “That Mother” and shyly embraced my neck. I explained this to one of devotee next to me. He showed me an officer in Apparition ground and asked me to tell him this quickly. I told this to that gentleman. Later I came to know that he was Mr. Sashika Vishan. He is the gentleman who is investigating the miracles experienced by the devotees in the ‘Miraculous Shrine and ascertains the correctness of them. I told details to Mr. Sashika Vishan. He listened to my story well and asked from my son, “Son, where is the mother?” Then he pointed at me and said she. After that the Gentleman showing the displaying Statue of Blessed Mother and asked “Son, who is that?”. Then the son said “Jesu Amma (Mother of Jesus)”. Here before at Katunayake Miraculous Shrine showing Blessed Virgin Mary’s Statue, I had told my son that is “Jesu Amma (Mother of Jesus)”. Mr. Sashika Vishan told me, like the ‘Miraculous Prayer’, the psalm of “Amma Amma” also has written by His Holiness Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso. That gentleman gave me his telephone number and asked me to speak to him on following day, Sunday evening. I spoke to him on 15th Sunday. Mr. Sashika Vishan asked me about the son. I told him, son is speaking well after six years, I told him that son is showing various things and trying to know their names. He said, to write and explain what my petition was to Our Lady of Katunayake and the way that request was granted by Virgin Mary. Also Mr. Sashika Vishan told me to bring all medical reports of my son to him. Accordingly, I handed over everything with this letter.

While my son is living in this world, Virgin Mary had given a big gift to my son. As a result my son will move forward in the society. But I am thinking what I should do for my son to remember this privilege for his whole life time. He is still small. He cannot understand what he got.

Also how can we forget His Holiness The Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, who was fortunate to Seeing Blessed Virgin Mary from his own eyes and who has written a miraculous prayer to Virgin Mary on behalf of people who are suffering. Verse of Psalms written by His Holiness was what my son uttered first. Also Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine is a place anyone can meet and experience the Virgin Mother Mary without any racial or religious biasness. We have to safeguard this Shrine as our own Shrine. We all go to Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine to tell our sorrows, pains and tears to Blessed Virgin Mary. I believe that Virgin Mary is lifelike in Our Lady of Katunayake’s Miraculous Shrine.


Sudarshi Samarasekara
Kolonnawa (Sri Lanka)

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His Holiness the Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, is an Apostle, who was Chosen and Appointed by Lord Jesus Christ by Appearing in this world. He was also fortunate to see Blessed Mother Mary to his own eyes for 23 occasions.


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