The revenge that human beings who were then living in this world showed towards Jesus Christ increased rapidly until he was assassinated

“There are human beings who only live in this world to do good things to the entire human race. They ...
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We should see the glorious face of Christ through poverty-stricken and those who are neglected from the society

“When we oppress a human being who is neglected from the society, then, we are once again, oppressing Lord Jesus ...
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A Germ does not have ethnic, caste, or religious differences

“Every one of you will have to face troubles and sorrows without any differences. A Germ does not have ethnic, ...
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The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of All Graces, helps all of you without any differences

“We need the love and compassion of Blessed Mother Mary desperately. You, and I, and we all, need the help ...
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If you have lived righteously by accumulating merits, then you can face your death happily

Certainly, “if any person has lived righteously from the time of his birth up to the time of his death, ...
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Today is my birthday. Therefore, today is the best occasion to speak about death

“When death occurs it occurs without any race, religious or caste differences. We are the people who are nourishing these ...
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It is great to be born as human beings. Yet it is not an easier task

“It is great to be born as human beings. Yet it is not an easier task. Every day, human beings ...
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The Birthday of the Only Apostle, who is presently living in this world, falls on 2nd February 2015

The 58th Birthday of the Holy Apostle, His Holiness Rohan Lalith Aponso, falls on 2nd February. Holy Apostle, His Holiness ...
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His Holiness Rohan Lalith Aponso, the Apostle who secretly visits the poor

Our society is a pleasant place. Those who are living in this society are sometime unpleasant. Sometimes they are very ...
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Do not ask forgiveness twice for the same mistake. It is a human nature. – says Most Holy Apostle

A Holy Mass was celebrated on Saturday 22nd February 2014 in the garden, dedicated to Holy Apostles’ Peter & Paul ...
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Most Holy Apostle presides over the funeral service of late Mrs. Agnes Meraya De Silva

Mrs. Agnes Meraya De Silva who was residing in Kurana, Negombo, passed away on 14th September 2014 and her burial ...
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His Holiness the Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, is an Apostle, who was Chosen and Appointed by Lord Jesus Christ by Appearing in this world. He was also fortunate to see Blessed Mother Mary to his own eyes for 23 occasions.


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