The Most Holy Apostolic Father, His Holiness Rohan Lalith Aponso, reflected the following, during the course of his Homily, which he delivered when he celebrated the evening Vespers Novena Service, which was held in the evening of Saturday 4th December 2010, at Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine.

”Dear Sons and Daughters, who are fortunate to be here at this moment. Today, we began this Vespers Novena Service, at this Sacred Ground, where Our Beloved Blessed Mother Mary has stepped in, in the midst of a rainy weather. At this Vespers Novena Service, we raise our eyes and mind towards Blessed Virgin Mary. We beseech Her Most Powerful Intercession, Her Love, Her Compassion and Her Solace, for our lives, and for our day to day pains sorrows. We cannot forget how she has helped pilgrims who came to this Apparition Ground, for the last several years.”

This Vespers Novena Service is being held every 1st Saturday evening, at Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine. The last Vespers Novena Service of year 2010, was held on the 1st Saturday of the Month of December 2010. Addressing the devotees, who gathered from various places at this Vespers Novena Service, despite of the rainy weather which prevailed on that day, the Holy Apostolic Father, further reflected the following. “At the beginning of this year, which is now crawling to an end, we requested the help of Blessed Mother Mary. We chose this Shrine, where she has appeared, to forward our entreaty. Therefore, we were able to overcome many obstacles in our lives. We began our journey of life with the help of Blessed Mother Mary, and once again we will begin our journey of life, after this Vespers Novena Service. Therefore, this moment is a very important moment in our lives. This moment is also a most sacred moment in our lives and this moment helps us to exist in our lives. It also infuses blood into our lives. Therefore, this moment has become a part of our own lives”.

Devotees from all walks of life and of all ages were devotedly participating in the Vespers Novena Service, which was celebrated by the Most Holy Apostolic Father, in the Apparition Church of Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine. The Most Holy Apostolic Father, His Holiness Rohan Lalith Aponso, who was fortunate to see Lord Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary to his own eyes, further reflected the following, during the course of his Homily.

Dear Children, “You are now looking at the spot where Lord Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary have appeared. You are now directly looking at that spot. The experience people have gained, by coming to this Shrine for the last 36 years, is extremely strong. Out of the people gathered here, if we inquire from 25 of them, as to their reason for coming to this Shrine, you will get 25 answers. One person will say, “I have come here because it is the Ground, where Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared”. Another person will say, “Why, Blessed Virgin Mary has already given a promise that she will appear here, once again. Therefore, I have come here, hoping to stay at the moment when she appears”. Another will say, “She has also given a promise that at the moment when she appears, she will show several powerful signs. Therefore, I will be extremely fortunate, if I could also see those miraculous signs to my own eyes”. Another person will say, “I am coming to a Ground where Lord Jesus Christ has appeared. How fortunate I will be, if I could come to a Ground, where Lord Jesus Christ has stepped in”. Another will say, “Why, the only Apostle who is presently living in this world, is living in this Shrine. So, I have come here to see him”. Another person will say, “I have come here to receive the weekly blessing, which is given by this Apostle. I have to obtain it. It is highly important for me to obtain his weekly blessing, because it has turned my life into a new path”. Likewise, if you inquire from 25 people, all of them will give you various answers. Others who have gained experience by coming to this Shrine will also say, “Why? Don’t you know? My relation was suffering from an incurable disease. He was totally cured at this Blessed Ground of Blessed Virgin Mary”. Another person will say, “My son was very stubborn. He used to come home very late, around 12.00 am or around 1.00 am. I came to this Ground and pleaded Blessed Mother, on behalf of him. Oh! He is now like a girl. He is now better than those days”. Another person will say, 10 years have been passed since we married, but we were not having children. We consulted the doctors. They gave their opinion saying that we are an infertile couple. Yet, Blessed Mother wiped our tears and the blessing of this Apostle, was showered on us. I conceived turning the medical opinion on its head. My infant is now 3 months old. If you read today’s “Endera” newspaper, you could read this story with the photo of this infant”. Likewise, the graces which they have received from Blessed Mother Mary, and the stories about this Sacred Ground which is binding with heavenly wealth, is unending. Pilgrims who are aware of this comes to this Shrine. So, now you are looking at the spot where Lord Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary have appeared. If you have that faith in your heart, you could move mountains. Likewise, if you have faith you could even get bunches of grapes from a tree of bitter gourd. For that you have to have a very strong and a pure faith. If you go to a hospital it is of no use, if you don’t take the medicine which the doctor has prescribed. It is not just step in, into this ground. You have to have the faith. When Lord Jesus Christ performs miracles, the only thing he expected from the people, then, was the faith. Now also it is the same. Water changed into wine because the workers obeyed the request of Blessed Mother Mary. “You have to do whatever Lord Jesus Christ tells you to do”. Blessed Mother told the workers. When Lord Jesus Christ ordered the workers to fill the water into 6 containers, which were made out of stone, they obeyed his orders. Therefore, water changed into delicious wine. Therefore, is there anything which the Divine Doctor or the Divine Lord Jesus Christ cannot do? The answer is the same words which the Angel Gabriel, then, mentioned to Blessed Mother. There is nothing impossible to God.’ Then, you also say, “I am a Lord’s servant, let it happen to me as you have said.’ This is the entreaty of our lives. This is the sound and echo of our despair”

At this Vespers Novena Service, Blessing from the Blessed Sacrament was given by the Most Holy Apostolic Father, and at the conclusion of the Novena Service, His Holiness the Apostolic Father granted his Apostolic Blessing.

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His Holiness the Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, is an Apostle, who was Chosen and Appointed by Lord Jesus Christ by Appearing in this world. He was also fortunate to see Blessed Mother Mary to his own eyes for 23 occasions.


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