Young couple Ranga Prasad of Ja-Ela & Sanduni Dileeka began their wedded life on Thursday 17th January, setting a role model to the world.

Reminding a teaching of Jesus Christ, this couple especially showed all Christians how to respond to such occasion.

The following is stated in the book of St. Luke in chapter 14. “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or relatives, or your rich neighbours; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid. But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and cannot repay you” Recently, His Holiness The Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, reflected a Homily based on the above teaching of Christ. During the course of His Homily, He gave the following advice to the gathering. “When you give whatever kind of a banquet, give it to those who are destitute and to those who are suffering because they have been disregarded by the society”.

The new couple Ranga & Sanduni was also among those who listened to His Homily. After listening to the advice of His Holiness The Apostle, which he gave based on the teachings of Christ, Ranga & Sanduni decided to obey the teachings of Christ and to obey His Holiness The Apostle’s advice and cancelled their previous wedding arrangement which they had already planned and also cancelled some orders which they have previously placed for their ceremony.

Accordingly, on Thursday morning 17th January, the new couple began their wedded life at Aloka Home for the Elders, in Panadura, in the midst of 80 aged destitute parents, who have been sent away from their homes, and spending a lonely life, bearing many sicknesses.

His Holiness The Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, celebrated the Wedding Service and blessed the new couple Ranga & Sanduni and made them to exchange their wedding rings and also gave them many valuable advices. It was an immense blessing for the new couple since His Holiness The Apostle, came all the way from Our Lady of Katunayake’s Shrine to Aloka Home for the Elders, in Panadura, to officiate their Wedding Service.

To entertain the 80 aged parents, who are spending their journey of life at the Home for the Elders, a scrumptious banquet and soothing music was provided to them. It was significant that His Holiness The Apostle also happily joined with the new couple to serve food to the destitute aged parents.

The new couple also offered alms to twenty four Buddhist monks at Sri Saddhamakara Viharaya, situated adjoining to Aloka Home for the Elders.

Another significant event was His Holiness The Apostle also joined with the newly married couple in presenting gifts to the destitute, lonely, aged parents, who are spending the autumn of their lives, without having any kind of love and affection from their families.

Many destitute parents recited poems and sang songs to extend their blessings to the newly married couple thereby raising tears in the eyes of all.

Look at these images. These few images are of that ceremony










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His Holiness the Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponso, is an Apostle, who was Chosen and Appointed by Lord Jesus Christ by Appearing in this world. He was also fortunate to see Blessed Mother Mary to his own eyes for 23 occasions.


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